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How do men find our ladies? We'll Let our clients tell you the rest:

Dale - April, 1999: "The best part has been the ladies that found me through your mail order brides / picture personals service. By filling out the profile and sending to you a picture of myself I have had several ladies write me first. I plan to meet one I am very much interested in June."

Joe M. - May, 2000: "This is no game. These picture personals girls are like laidies were here in the 50's. No pretence, no attitude, no baggage, just all girl. I advise anyone considering a trip with AFA to go. It is all you expect and more."

Bill H. - October, 2000: " I have received over 30 replies! I have chosen 7 very nice ladies throughout Russia. All these mail order bride candidates have been polite, friendly and sincere. I am planning to take a summer holiday to meet all of them."

Manny N. - June, 2000:
"The tour far exceeded my expectations. The quality of women put others to shame. I had a wonderful time dating some of the most beautiful and charming women in the world. 1st class!"

Pat T. - March, 1999: "Thank you for your valuable mail order brides service. I tell everyone, no matter how far you have to travel, do it. There is someone out there who wants the same things you do."

Gary - July, 2000: "Tthrough your picture personals service I have found the love of my life..."

Dan W. - August, 2001: "I have dealt with other agencies… your arrangement for socials treats ladies with respect, you delivered on your promises and I was very impressed with your on-site service"

Richard S. - March, 2003:
"What a wonderful service you continue to provide… Not only are the girls beautiful and interesting, but I get the feeling that they are more directed in family and old fashion good moral values. "

Wolf S. - June, 2003: "I cannot thank you enough for your mail order brides / picture personals service. $9.00 bought me a future life of happiness. We had the marriage ceremony on June 15th. "

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